Canadian personal taxation

Canadian personal taxation

Providing the best personal tax service in Edmonton, Ellerslie, South Edmonton & South Side involves much more than preparing and filing your income tax return. At Skinny Tax & Accounting, we can help minimize the amount of tax you pay by developing a personal tax plan tailored to your individual needs to ensure you get the most out of tax saving opportunities.

Working closely with you, we deliver a full range of Canadian personal tax services, including:

  • Personal tax planning and advisory services
  • Owner-manager tax planning and advisory services
  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Personal, trust and partnership tax compliance
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Why Hire Us?

With the increased complexity in Canadian tax laws, it is becoming increasingly important to seek the professional services of a qualified accountant to assist in the preparation of your annual personal tax return. Most taxpayers want the peace of mind of filing their annual tax return accurately and want to stay away from the hassles of having to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in the event they don’t. However, you also want to ensure that relevant questions are being considered to ensure you are benefiting from all the tax mechanisms that can legitimately save you tax.

At Skinny Tax & Accounting, we have a designated team of accountants ready to work with you. Personal tax services require personalized service, meaning our service delivery goes beyond being there for you. If you require additional assistance with CRA audits, requests for information, or whether you need advise at any time in the year, we will be around to assist you. We’ll return your calls and respond to your emails…always in a courteous and timely fashion.

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