Canadian corporate taxation

Canadian corporate taxation

Managing your corporate taxes demands time and expertise: enjoy the benefits of our specialized corporate tax solutions. Skinny Tax & Accounting can prepare and file all of your corporate taxes provides services in Edmonton, Ellerslie, South Edmonton & South Side.

Managing business taxes takes a lot of expertise, exactitude and an expert interpretation of the Canadian tax act. Professional corporate tax services not only saves you money in taxes but also provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that your corporation is not charged hefty penalties and fines for omissions and errors! Skinny Tax & Accounting can you help you meet your goals of minimizing taxes payable.

  • Improve and simplify the management of your taxes
  • Avoid fees and fines
  • Get expert tax advise
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Why Hire Us?

Virtually everything you do has tax implications and every year, tax laws and interpretations change and become more complex. That’s why it is important to consult with a team of tax advisors who can help ensure you not only comply with these laws but that you maximize the returns to your business. Working with you one-on-one, our team takes the time to understand your business and delivers a full suite of services to meet your business’ needs.

Canadian Corporate Tax Planning

Our tax advisors know that minimizing corporate tax is a top priority for you. In order for you to achieve this goal, it is important to start with expert planning. From corporate structure and executive remuneration to inter-company transactions, our tax advisors will review all facets of your business to ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible. We will also work with you to optimize your provincial, capital and payroll taxes, so you can put the money you save towards other initiatives to achieve your business goals.

Our team provides a full range of Canadian corporate tax planning services, including:

  • Tax planning and structuring to minimize taxes
  • Advice on the tax implications of proposed transactions and new investments including purchase or sale of a business
  • Provincial tax planning
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