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A Bookkeeper records the day-to-day financial transactions for a business and is responsible for entering all basic accounting data such as: purchases, sales, cash receipts, payments, reconciling bank accounts and payroll. Skinny Tax & Accounting has a team of bookkeepers available on a part-time, contract or project basis.

Areas we serve Edmonton, Ellerslie, South Edmonton & South Side.

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What We Do

Bookkeeping includes everything that might be useful for your business, starting from giving minor advice to a full company’s accounting management and development. We have transformed the traditional bookkeeping services into some simple and useful services, like:

Financial Statement Preparation

Bookkeeping Service Edmonton

It is necessary to make well-informed management decisions for a business to succeed. One can make good decisions only with useful, timely and accurate information. Usually that information is contained in a company’s interim and annual financial statements. These statements are also frequently relied on by other organizations, including companies (when choosing a business partner) and banks (when making financial arrangements).

Accounts Receivable/Payable Data Entry & Management

An important component of accounts receivable/payable management is the best use of all funds received and paid. Skinny Tax & Accounting is happy to provide its bookkeeping services to assist with your cash management, preventing duplicate payments, overpayments and missing funds.

Bank Account & Credit Card Reconciliations

A company’s bank account and credit card management is a service that allows you to monitor the status of each of the company’s accounts and their activities. Account activity tracking is performed regularly in order to avoid unnecessary bank service charges, accounting errors, “pseudo-transactions” and theft or misappropriation of corporate cash resources.

Fixed Asset Management

Skinny Tax & Accounting provides fixed asset management services to its clients. Our experts provide services related to fixed asset record keeping and reporting, and the calculation of depreciation, accounting for the economic effect derived from the use of fixed asset during their useful life.

Inventory Bookkeeping

Our professional staff will quickly and efficiently carry out a full or a partial inventory of your company’s assets. As an additional benefit, we will teach you and your staff how to correctly and efficiently manage your inventory.

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